Safety Tips for Tuscaloosa College Students

Being away from home for the first time can be difficult. Students and parents may find themselves asking the question, “Is it safe?” Moving to a new state or a new city can even be a little frightening. Severe weather threats vary greatly by region and taking some time to find out about more about potential problems can remove some of that fear and better prepare you or your student for emergencies. Below are a few pointers relative to the Tuscaloosa area.

If you need immediate assistance, CALL 911.


General Severe Weather Safety Tips:

  1. Find out what kind of emergencies are most likely in the Tuscaloosa area. Spending some time on this website is one way to familiarize yourself.
  2. Purchase a NOAA weather radio tuned to the Tuscaloosa area to stay updated on weather events. Information about weather radios can be found HERE.
  3. Prepare an emergency kit to keep in your dorm room or apartment.
  4. Download a weather app from your phone. A list of apps can be found HERE.
  5. Know that Outdoor Warning System tests are performed on the 1st Wednesday of the month at noon. The units in Tuscaloosa County are warning sirens and the tests are not performed during adverse weather days.
  6. Know where the nearest storm shelter is. A list of public storm shelters in the community can be found HERE. Safe places are further defined by each campus and can be located through the respective websites listed below.

For the hotter months:

  1. Be sure to hydrate during hot weather. Dehydration and excessive heat can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
  2. During the hotter months, thunderstorms can arrive rapidly and in force. During severe thunderstorms, seek shelter indoors and attempt to minimize your time outside.

For the colder months:

  1. Stay off roads in winter conditions. Most municipalities in Alabama are not equipped with plows or salt trucks and roads can quickly become hazardous.
  2. Be sure to stay safe and warm outside by wearing layers of lightweight, warm clothing instead of something like a t-shirt under a heavy jacket.

For more information about weather safety, visit our page: CLICK HERE


Campus Safety Resources:


The University of Alabama has its own office that focuses on emergency preparedness. For that office’s website – CLICK HERE


Information about emergency preparedness for Shelton State Community College can be found here – CLICK HERE.


Information about emergency preparedness for Stillman College can be found here – CLICK HERE


The best way to prepare for a disaster is to have a plan and learn about responding to emergencies. The Tuscaloosa County EMA website has information about emergency preparedness as well as links for further reading into the subject. For that page – CLICK HERE


The following is a list of websites for Public Safety departments that serve the Tuscaloosa metro area:

UAPD website –  CLICK HERE

Tuscaloosa PD website – CLICK HERE

Northport PD website – CLICK HERE

Tuscaloosa Fire & Rescue Service – CLICK HERE



Gamedays in Tuscaloosa are a very different experience from the usual day to day life in town. An average home game will bring over 100,000 additional people to Tuscaloosa. Getting around town and campus on gamedays is quite an experience. The best way to get around is to plan your route ahead of time. The University of Alabama’s Gameday website has the information necessary to find out about parking, traffic, and transportation around the city. UA’s Gameday site can be found here – CLICK HERE.